NJ Weather Study


Below are selected weather data for the last five growing seasons. We compiled the data into table and graph form for towns in areas that have significance to New Jersey’s wine growing regions, with the goal of representing regions relevant to most if not all NJ wineries and vineyards: Pittstown for the Hunterdon/Warren wineries, Princeton for Mercer/northern Burlington, Holmdel for Monmouth, Hammonton and Bethel Mill Park for different areas of the Outer Coastal Plain, and Cape May Courthouse for the Cape May Peninsula. A “season” is defined here as April through October. This site is best viewed on a desktop computer. The different charts can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom of the page.

The first three graphs display seasonal total rainfall, accumulated hours with relative humidity above 90%, and accumulated solar radiation for each site by year from 2016 to 2020. The second two charts display the monthly average temperature for southern NJ and northern NJ, charted across the season relative to the 30-year mean. This allows the user to see not only was a season’s temperatures above or below average, but was the anomaly evenly distributed or front vs. back loaded. The last five charts show the accumulated growing degree days (86/50) over the last 5 seasons.