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The Winemakers Co-Op publishes an industry-facing newsletter meant to inform growers and winemakers of New Jersey about educational opportunities, cooperative grant programs, news and research articles with relevance to the state industry, timely weather & climate reporting, and data collected from and reported to wineries and vineyards across the state. Use the form to sign up to receive this newsletter or browse the archive below for past editions of the The Jersey Grape & Wine Insider.


2023 Edition 
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2022 Edition Archive

Volume 3, edition 1: Early September 2022

Volume 3, edition 2: Mid September 2022

Volume 3, edition 3: Late September 2022

Volume 3, edition 4: Early October 2022

Volume 3, edition 5: Late October 2022

Volume 3, edition 6: Early November 2022

Volume 3, edition 7: December 2022


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